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Applaws Tin Tuna Fillet & Cheese, size Adult, 1 x, 156 g

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  • Brand: Applaws
  • Product Code: 7484018
  • Size Adult, 1 x, 156 g
QR Applaws Tin Tuna Fillet & Cheese, size Adult, 1 x, 156 g


Applaws is different - it's unique.
Applaws cat food consists only of high-quality and natural raw materials and contains only the specified ingredients, so no additives.
Applaws has a very high meat content (up to 75%) and is 100% natural. The chicken meat used comes from chickens from hormone-free, natural feeding, no battery hens. The fish fillets are pure, no animal by-products and no fillers. Species-appropriate and sustainable fishing methods are used when catching the fish used. Applaws is Dolphin-Friendly!
Applaws cat food is gluten-free and therefore suitable for sensitive cats with allergies.
Available in 70g and 156g tins
Tuna Fillet
Tuna fillet
Tuna fillet 75%, fish stock 19%, rice 6%
Tuna Filet & Cheese
Tuna fillet with cheese
Tuna fillet 70%, fish stock 23%, cheese 6%, rice 1%
Tuna Filet & Prawn
Tuna fillet with pacific prawns
Tuna fillet 52%, prawns 23%, fish stock 24%, rice 1%
Tuna Filet and Seawead
Tuna fillet with seaweed
Tuna fillet 48%, seaweed 0.02%, vegetable based gelling agent (EU approved)
Ocean Fish
Ocean Fish
Mackerel 45%, tuna fillet 30%, fish stock 25%, rice 1%.


Feed properties
Main feed type Complete feedingstuffs
General information
Item number 7484018
Manufacturer Applaws
Product type Cat food
Key specifications
Food type canned food
Items per sales unit 1 x
Special needs Without dyes & preservatives
Package dimensions
Height 3.65 cm
Length 8.73 cm
Weight 156 g
Width 8.54 cm
Packaging type tin
Pet properties
Phase of life Adult
Sports nutrition properties
Flavour Fish

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