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Acana wild coast, size Adult, 1 x, 11400 g

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  • Brand: Acana
  • Product Code: 7514535
  • Size Adult, 1 x, 11400 g
QR Acana wild coast, size Adult, 1 x, 11400 g


Acana Wild Coast's recipe is based on the WHOLEPREY™ principle, which is based on the natural nutritional needs of adult dogs. The composition is based on a natural diet of the ancestors living in the wild and contains herring, arrowtooth flounder as well as silver hake - wild caught from sustainable fisheries in the north of Vancouver Island, fresh and processed whole! 50% fish content is included in this excellent food, one third of which has been processed fresh fish. Wheat with a high glycemic index has been omitted from this recipe, instead low-glycemic oats have been used as a carbohydrate source to promote stable blood sugar levels. 50% fruit, vegetables and plant extracts provide your dog with all the essential minerals, vitamins and fibre he needs for a well-rounded nutritional profile.

The quality of the ingredients is of the utmost importance! Only the best, local products approved for human consumption

are used in Acana dog food in our in-house kitchen. They are delivered fresh daily from farmers, ranchers and fishermen. Field and meadow crops also from the surrounding area provide a wide range of nutrients in addition to the high content of wild caught fish. Therefore, there is no need to enrich the feed with synthetic additives. An absolute top product for demanding four-legged friends, in which the rich, untouched nature of Canada is.
Acana Prairie Poultry dog food at a glance

  • Premium food for adult dogs of all breeds

  • 100% natural recipe for optimal body condition of adult dogs

  • Top-quality raw materials: all ingredients from regional agriculture or wild-caught fisheries in Canada that have been approved for human consumption, delivered fresh daily

  • WHOLEPREY™ concept: composition adapted to the natural nutritional needs of dogs, similar to the prey pattern of their ancestors living in nature.

  • 50% fish - of which 1/3 is fresh fish: a high fish content provides the organism with essential proteins as well as first-class omega-3 & omega-6 fatty acids.

  • 50% Vegetables, Fruits & Herbs: a wide variety of local ingredients that contain essential vitamins and can have a regulating effect on digestion, for an optimal supply of nutrients.

  • 30% low-glycemic carbohydrates: free of wheat, potatoes, tapioca and grains, instead with locally grown oats, lentils and peas that have a low glycemic index and for stable blood sugar levels.

  • Herring, arrowtooth flounder & silver hake: wild caught from sustainable fisheries in North Pacific Vancouver Island.

  • Local grasses: valuable plant extracts from grasses that grow in British Columbia can benefit metabolism

  • No synthetic additives: high quality ingredients naturally provide all necessary nutrients and eliminate the need for fortification with additives

  • With zinc: the only supplemental nutrient, combined with the unsaturated fatty acids found in flounder, promotes skin and coat health

  • Premium manufacturing process: food produced exclusively in our own kitchen without outsourcing, high-tech process for further processing of fresh ingredients preserves natural nutrients

  • Unique taste: fresh liver, freeze-dried in the Acana kitchen, ensures best acceptance

  • Sustainable company philosophy: cooperation with local farmers and fishermen, d


Feed properties
additives Copper, Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, Zinc
Main feed type Straight feedingstuffs
General information
Item number 7514535
Manufacturer Acana
Product type Dog food
Sales rank in Product type Dog food 280 of 5744
Key specifications
Animal size Large, Medium, Small
Food type dry fodder
Items per sales unit 1 x
Special needs Grain free, Sensitive digestion
Package dimensions
Weight 11400 g
Pet properties
Pet Dog
Phase of life Adult
Sports nutrition properties
Flavour deer

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