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Odenwälder Prima Klima Jersey Sleeping Bag

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  • Brand: Odenwälder
  • Product Code: 12735594
  • Size 60 cm, All-season
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The manufacturer Obenwälder comes up with various products in relation to babies and children. They score points especially with an attractive design, as well as advanced technology. In this case, it's about a sleeping bag that both protects against the conditions outside, as well as controls the climate inside the sleeping bag. This happens through a clever composition of materials combined with so-called "climate strips" through which the individual areas of the sleeping bag are divided. The first thing that stands out about the Prima Klima Jersey is the division of the individual sections of the sleeping bag, and there is a good reason for that. The individual segments are connected with climate strips, which provide for possible ventilation. In this way, your child is protected on the one hand from the conditions outside the sleeping bag, and on the other hand additionally from any heat or moisture buildup. This happens especially when sleeping and can be very uncomfortable. Especially for babies and small children, it is important to take care of the body temperature to avoid possible subsequent problems. The material used is another plus point of the product from Odenwälder. Thus, both the outside, as well as the inside is completely made of cotton. Cotton is preferred by many manufacturers, as this is soft and pleasant to the skin. Thus, even with extensive use, the sensitive skin of the baby or child is not unnecessarily irritated. In addition, cleaning cotton is relatively easy and cotton is robust and durable. In addition, to provide a good insulating effect, the cotton cover was filled with polyester. This makes the sleeping bag soft and cozy. Jersey Prima Klima from Odenwälder is well suited for regular and long-term use. For this purpose, a zipper was attached to the front, which extends to the back. This ensures good accessibility. If your baby needs to be changed as once, it is not necessary to take off the entire sleeping bag. It is only necessary to open the zipper. The purchase of a Prima Klima sleeping bag is oriented to the long term. This is realized mainly by the adjustable straps. These are equipped with snaps, which makes adjusting the size very easy. In addition, there are different sizes of the sleeping bag so that it covers many age groups. Keeping the Odenwälder sleeping bag clean is just as easy. This is namely suitable for cleaning in the washing machine without any problems. It is only necessary to pay attention to the appropriate temperature. A temperature of under 60 °C is recommended to protect the material. Features of the Odenwälder Prima Klima Jersey Sleeping Bag: Practical and comfortable design Climate strips allow air circulation Keeps the body temperature in the optimal range Enough legroom for awakened children Size adjustable by snaps on the straps Ideal for controlling the temperature of the body Well suited for wearing over long periods Prevents a buildup of heat or moisture All-around zipper for convenient diapering with cuddle protection Certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Washable at 60 ° gentle cycle, dryer suitable Material: Outer material: 100% cotton Filling: feel-good fiber, 100% polyester Inner material: 100% cotton How to find the right size: measure your child from the shoulder to the sole of the foot. Add about 15 to 20cm for growth. This size which then results is the right order size for your baby.


Clothing properties
Sleeve length Sleeveless
Colour group Blue, Grey, Silver
General information
Item number 12735594
Manufacturer Odenwälder
Product type Baby sleeping bags
Key specifications
Clothing size 60
Exact colour description Light Silver
Season All-season
Package dimensions
Length 60 cm

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