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Infactory 2
Infactory 2
Infactory 2

Infactory 2 "Day Vision" & "Night Vision" goggles

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See the world with new eyes. The cover glasses spoil you day and night with extra sharp vision and extremely strong contrasts like in HD.
The Day Vision over-the-eye sunglasses protect your eyes from bright sunlight. The frame is designed so that you can keep your normal visual aid on. "Day Vision" can simply be pulled over them.
Day Vision is also a boon in highly variable light conditions such as cloudy skies.
The "Night Vision" glasses are ingenious when driving, for example: Blinding xenon light from car headlights can hardly irritate you anymore. You enjoy clear vision at every moment!
Thanks to significant contrast enhancement, you see everything much sharper! By the way, also a boon in twilight, fog, driving snow or heavy rain.
Night Vision will give you a clear view at night, too.
The technology with the yellow-tinted lenses has already been used successfully for many years by skiers and snipers.
Here, too, you can leave your visual aid on and wear the Night Vision comfortably over it.
Overlay sunglasses Day Vision
- High quality lenses with slight contrast enhancement, reflection filter and UV protection 380
- Filter class 4: ideal for particularly bright environments, e.g. at the seaside or in the snow
- Perfect for changing visibility conditions and low sun
- Dimensions: 16 x 16 x 5 cm, weighs a light 36 grams
Note: The sunglasses are not suitable when driving or in traffic due to their strong tint.
Overlay contrast glasses Night Vision
- Special yellow lenses with strong contrast enhancement, reflective filters.
- Filter class 1
- See sharper: At night and in poor visibility conditions
- Dimensions: 16 x 16 x 5 cm, weighs a light 36 grams
- Also ideal for non-glasses wearers.


General information
Item number 14719338
Manufacturer Infactory
Product type Sunglasses
Key specifications
Exact colour description Black
Package dimensions
Weight 228 g
Target group
Target group Men, Women

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