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Speeron Set of 2 sunglasses clips
Speeron Set of 2 sunglasses clips

Speeron Set of 2 sunglasses clips "Allround" for spectacle wearers

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Which spectacle wearer does not know this: With normal sunglasses you see blurred!
Have a pair of sunglasses made with your diopter number at the optician: Priceless!
Here comes the perfect solution: With the practical clip-on sunglasses, you can now kill several birds with one stone.
The lenses not only filter harmful UV rays, but also polarise the light and thus reduce annoying reflections.
They will also make eyes: With these glasses attachments, you can even see through the reflections of the sky and clouds on water surfaces or car and window panes.
The attachments are simply placed on the frame of the glasses and can be easily folded up when needed.
- For large glasses (width per lens: approx. 59 mm, height: approx. 60 mm).
- Weight feather-light 10 gram
- Polarizing: reduces reflections in glass and on water surfaces
- The perfect and cost-effective solution for all spectacle wearers
- Multi-layer polarized lenses with UV protection
- Clip attachments with 90°,-locking mechanism
- Glare-free light brightness and sharper contrasts
- Suitable for almost all types of vision glasses
Here you can download and print a PDF with a photo of the eyeglass attachments. Then simply compare the shape and size of your glasses exactly with the 4 models and find your suitable size:
Dimensionally accurate photo of the eyeglass attachments to print out:
(Select the setting 100% when printing).


General information
Item number 13968906
Manufacturer Speeron
Product type Sunglasses
Key specifications
Exact colour description Black
Package dimensions
Weight 42 g
Target group
Target group Men, Women

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