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 Fuel cell car Hydrocar
 Fuel cell car Hydrocar
 Fuel cell car Hydrocar
 Fuel cell car Hydrocar

Fuel cell car Hydrocar

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QR  Fuel cell car Hydrocar


Experience the most promising energy technology of the 21st century and assemble your own hydrogen car. The fuel cell car kit uses a reversible PEM (proton exchange membrane) fuel cell. This works both ways: As an electrolyte (to produce hydrogen from water) and as a power source (to produce electricity from hydrogen). Once hydrogen has been produced, the fuel cell can convert it into electrical energy to power your car's engine. When the car is running on hydrogen, two bright green LED lights mounted on the car's engine flash. The car will autonomously drive around any obstacles that are in its path. It will turn around or back up until the path forward is clear.


General information
Item number 8437070
Manufacturer no. FCJJ-11
Product type Science kits
Publisher Horizon
Key specifications
experimental area energy issues
Movie properties
Language English
Package dimensions
Height 21 cm
Length 30 cm
Weight 630 g
Width 10 cm
Target group
Age to 99 years
Minimum age 13 years

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