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Schleich black fur calf

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  • Brand: Schleich
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Schleich Holstein Calf Black Holstein bulls and cows are the most popular breed of cattle in the world. They were first bred in the Netherlands and brought to America in 1857. These cattle are instantly recognizable by their black and white coat coloration, they are sort of the prototype of the domestic cattle. Today, black and white cattle are raised for their amazing milk production: The average cow produces 12000 liters of milk per year. They live to be three to four years old, but some have much longer life spans. Cattle have four stomachs. They eat a combination of grasses and hay when kept indoors, which is then regurgitated. The half-digested feed is pushed back into the mouth from the first stomach, where it is then chewed until it is in a state where it can pass through the other three stomachs. The cows then look like they are chewing gum..


Colour group Black
General information
Item number 14652597
Manufacturer Schleich
Product type Toy figurines
Sales rank in Product type Toy figurines 415 of 7984
Key specifications
Exact colour description Black
Material group Plastic
Specific material description Plastic
Package dimensions
Height 5 cm
Length 6 cm
Weight 28 g
Width 5.50 cm
Stuffed toy properties
Species cow
Target group
Minimum age 3 years
Toy figure properties
Toy figure type animal figure

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