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Trudel Gedudel tumbles from the fence

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  • Size Eva Muszynski, Karst
QR  Trudel Gedudel tumbles from the fence


A chicken seeks happinessTrudel Gedudel is a chicken. She lives on a farm and chortles with other fowl over tea and cookies. One day, after an argument with twin turkeys Ete and Petete, Trudel finds herself on the fence. That's not where well-behaved chickens belong, because the fence is the border to the forest, indeed to the wilderness in general! This throws Trudel so off balance that she falls - and falls on the other side. Now she has to find her way alone in the big, wide world, and there are not only friends there: Gräten-Käthe and Herr Klautermann want to get rid of her. But a chicken like Trudel should not be underestimated ....


Book properties
Author Eva Muszynski, Karsten Pond
Book cover Hard cover
Illustrator Karsten Pond
General information
Item number 14600812
Product type Children's + Teenage books
Publisher CBJ
Key specifications
Genre Children's & Youth Book
Movie properties
Language German
Year 2019
Package dimensions
Height 24.70 cm
Length 1.20 cm
Weight 405 g
Width 17.40 cm
Paper Properties
Number of pages 88
Target group
Minimum age 5 years

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