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The Little Dragon Coconut - Volcano Alarm on Dragon Island

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  • Size Ingo Siegner
QR  The Little Dragon Coconut - Volcano Alarm on Dragon Island


Eagerly awaited - the new Coconut adventure! While Coconut and his friends Oskar and Matilda are playing on the beach, they watch as a spherical flying object falls into the volcano on Dragon Island. Was this a shooting star, a UFO or a meteorite? When the volcano ejects burning chunks of rock shortly after, the friends fear an eruption that could destroy all of Dragon Island. Will the three succeed in calming the fire-breathing mountain again? The stories about the exciting adventures that the little dragon Coconut experiences with his friends have become true children's book classics. Ingo Siegner writes about friendship and courage and adds endearingly original illustrations. The "Dein-Spiegel-Bestseller" series is perfect for reading aloud or on your own.


Book properties
Author Ingo Siegner
Book cover Hard cover
Illustrator Ingo Siegner
General information
Item number 6617979
Product type Children's + Teenage books
Publisher CBJ
Release date 5/20/2016
Key specifications
Genre Children's & Youth Book
Movie properties
Language German
Year 2016
Package dimensions
Height 218 mm
Weight 330 g
Width 159 mm
Paper Properties
Number of pages 80
Target group
Minimum age 6 years

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