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Seventeen Moons An Unholy Love

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Some secrets change your life. Others put it in danger
Actually, Ethan and Lena thought nothing and nobody could ever break them up. The encounter with the mysterious Caster girl is the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to 16-year-old Ethan. But there is a curse on Lena. And after the decision on Lena's destiny has been postponed for a year, powerful dark casters are trying everything to get her on their side. When Lena turns to the mysterious, attractive John, the supposedly inseparable bond between Ethan and Lena threatens to tear


Book properties
Author Kami Garcia
Book cover Paperback
General information
Item number 2458441
Product type Children's + Teenage books
Publisher CBJ
Release date 9/4/2013
Key specifications
Genre Children's & Youth Book
Movie properties
Language German
Year 2013
Package dimensions
Weight 1 kg
Paper Properties
Number of pages 512
Target group
Minimum age 12 years

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