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NO GAME - No more silence!

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  • Size Natasha Friend
QR  NO GAME - No more silence!


Nora is in shock. Although she has not drunk a drop of alcohol, she wakes up half-naked and completely disoriented on a golf course after a visit to the fair. A fellow student has apparently prevented worse by sending three young men fleeing. Nora would like to forget everything, after all she got off lightly. Her best friend Cam, however, sees things differently: she wants Nora to go public. Because such an assault must not go unpunished. When it becomes clear that even more girls are affected and that some kind of perverse game is behind the incidents, Nora finally realises: the silence must be broken. And so a campaign under the hashtags #nogame and #schlussmitschweigen shakes up the small-town idyll.
A highly topical, emancipated youth novel about empowerment, the #MeToo debate and the ambivalent role of social media in it.


Book properties
Author Natasha Friend
Book cover Hard cover
General information
Item number 21551251
Product type Children's + Teenage books
Publisher Magellan
Key specifications
Genre Children's & Youth Book
Movie properties
Language German
Year 2022
Package dimensions
Height 22 cm
Length 3.50 cm
Weight 590 g
Width 14 cm
Paper Properties
Number of pages 368
Target group
Minimum age 14 years

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