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A World of Discovery

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QR  A World of Discovery


An essential compendium of some of the most world-changing discoveries and inventions of all time, from the first use of money to antibiotics and artificial intelligence. In a stylish miscellany, celebrated author Richard Platt and printmaker James Brown travel through time to showcase the amazing breakthroughs in science and technology that have changed our lives forever. From the wheel to the telephone to the Internet, human history is studded with innovations that have changed our world. Each bold, bright, and beautiful infographic is complete with engaging and easy-to-understand explanations. A follow-up to international bestseller A World of Information and its companion, A World of Cities, this book covers thirty groundbreaking discoveries and is perfect for inquiring minds of all ages.


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Item number 15616552
Manufacturer no. 29800078
Product type Children's + Teenage books
Publisher Random House
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Genre Children, Youth and Family, Children's & Youth Book, narrative, Politics + Economy
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