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It's madness! (Glows even in the dark)

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QR  It's madness! (Glows even in the dark)


HELLO, PEOPLE! This is my GENIAL PLAN to make the DogZombies the BEST band in the world: 1. write new songs (not about teachers). 2. shoot a spectacular music video (easy). 3. sleep well (difficult when kept awake by noise). 4. annoy my sister Delia (has nothing to do with the DogZombies, but it's fun). If the plan succeeds (and what goes wrong before), you will find out in my book. Until I do, I count on you! TOM.


Book properties
Author Liz Pichon
bestseller Yes
Book cover Hard cover
General information
Item number 6510760
Product type Children's + Teenage books
Publisher Egmont Schneiderbuch
Release date 2/28/2017
Key specifications
Genre Children's & Youth Book
Movie properties
edition 2
Language German
Year 2017
Paper Properties
Number of pages 256
Target group
Minimum age 10 years

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