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Tessloff Little Major Tom. Volume 13. the desert lives

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  • Brand: Tessloff
  • Product Code: 15692715
  • Size Peter Schilling, Ber
QR Tessloff Little Major Tom. Volume 13. the desert lives


There is great turmoil at the ground station. Two research drones have disappeared after a sandstorm in the desert. Little Major Tom, his astronaut friend Stella and robot cat Plutinchen immediately set off in search of them on the Airship Solar 1. On the journey to the place from which the last radio signals of the drones emanated, the airship is in danger of being destroyed by a rock. In addition, the three friends get caught in an uncomfortable storm. Whether the three survive the desert adventure in one piece, what unexpected discoveries they make, and whether they actually find the drones is revealed to children aged 7 and up who love to read in this exciting children's book.


Book properties
Author Bernd Flessner, Peter Schilling
Book cover Hard cover
General information
Item number 15692715
Manufacturer Tessloff
Manufacturer no. 34955889
Product type Children's + Teenage books
Key specifications
Genre Children, Youth and Family, Children's & Youth Book
Movie properties
Language German
Year 2021
Package dimensions
Height 11 mm
Weight 310 g
Width 158 mm
Paper Properties
Number of pages 72
Target group
Minimum age 7 years

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