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Bifi and Pops

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  • Size Stefanie Taschinski
QR  Bifi and Pops


What is going on with Pops? He's constantly shouting commands, pulling on the leash and not letting Bifi finish playing! Clearly, Pops needs to take a breath and learn to relax. That's why Bifi thinks it's really great to accompany Pops to dog school. There, Bifi can share with the other dogs how to get his two-legged friend to enjoy life and have lots of crunchy treats along for the ride. And Pops has other two-legged friends to have fun with.


Book properties
Author Stefanie Taschinski
Book cover Hard cover
General information
Item number 15892910
Product type Children's + Teenage books
Publisher Oetinger
Key specifications
Genre Children's & Youth Book
Movie properties
Language German
Year 2019
Package dimensions
Height 21.70 cm
Length 1 cm
Weight 287 g
Width 15.40 cm
Paper Properties
Number of pages 64
Target group
Minimum age 6 years

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