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Fatima's fantastic journey to a world without oil

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QR  Fatima's fantastic journey to a world without oil


The topic of petroleum illuminated from all sides in a child-friendly way
This non-fiction book for children, designed as a hidden object book, poses the question of how we would like to live in the future and what an environmentally compatible future could look like without the enormous petroleum consumption of our time. In times of plastic waste in the sea, streets full of cars and worldwide climate emergencies, this book has made it its business to tell of urgently needed, optimistic utopias for the future and thus to design a world that will remain worth living in in the future. The illustrator Jakob Winkler takes a look at how we deal with petroleum and describes what a world without massive petroleum consumption could look like. In the process, the little girl Fatima leads us through the book as a curious heroine, looking back at the past, looking at the status quo, and sketching out a vision of the future.
This non-fiction book shows which things contain petroleum and what a future without petroleum could look like.
It's in contact lenses, aspirin C, in paints, in toys, in packaging, in roads or in our cell phones; we use it for heating, for flying or for driving - we encounter the fossil raw material petroleum at every turn. But there are ideas and alternatives that, if implemented consistently, will keep our planet livable for many generations to come. To this end, it is important that even children take a closer look at the consumption of petroleum. This book takes a look at the present and the future and answers all the questions that arise in connection with petroleum in a way that is accessible and suitable for children. A knowledge library for looking up the most important background information and facts rounds off this unusual and environmentally friendly book.


Book properties
Author Jakob Winkler
Book cover Hard cover
General information
Item number 16726088
Product type Children's + Teenage books
Publisher Knesebeck
Key specifications
Genre Nature + Technology
Movie properties
Language German
Year 2021
Package dimensions
Height 34 cm
Length 1 cm
Weight 714 g
Width 24 cm
Paper Properties
Number of pages 56
Target group
Minimum age 8 years

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