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Ravensburger The Farm of Fantastic Beasts, Volume 1: Fully Burned!

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  • Brand: Ravensburger
  • Product Code: 15687262
  • Size Michael Peinkofer
QR Ravensburger The Farm of Fantastic Beasts, Volume 1: Fully Burned!


Monty and Nell are supposed to spend the vacations on their aunt's farm. What they do not suspect: The dragon farm is a haven for fantastic animal creatures! And one of them is in great distress: Can they help the desperate dragoness? *** Volume 1 of the fabulous adventure series for ages 8 and up - by bestselling author Michael Peinkofer! *** "Are you ready?" asked Aunt Ally. "Ready for what?" asked Monty. "To see things as they are," she replied with a smile. "Of course," Nell assured her. "And we solemnly swear not to tell anyone. Don't we, Monty?" "Great word of honor," her brother confirmed. "All right, then." Aunt Ally smiled. "Then I will trust you and lift the cloaking spell." Suddenly the coops and enclosures along the barn were no longer deserted, but teeming with bleating, whinnying, screeching life! Orange-red chickens with wings like bats cavorted on the ladder and at the very top stood a rooster with a crest of blazing fire! From a shallow flap crawled what looked like a crocodile but had striped fur like a tiger. A small Pegasus foal tried in vain to get off the ground. There was also a limping kangaroo and motley sheep grazing in the nearby meadow. "Welcome," said Aunt Ally, "to the Dragon Farm!" "Fantastic Beasts Farm" at a glance: - Volume 1: All fired up! - Volume 2: Simply incomprehensible! - Volume 3: Totally blown away! (September 2021) - Volume 4 will be released in spring 2022.


Book properties
Author Michael Peinkofer
Book cover Hard cover
General information
Item number 15687262
Manufacturer Ravensburger
Manufacturer no. 34625305
Product type Children's + Teenage books
Key specifications
Genre Children, Youth and Family, Children's & Youth Book
Movie properties
Language German
Year 2021
Paper Properties
Number of pages 256
Target group
Minimum age 8 years

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