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The 100 - Rebellion

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QR  The 100 - Rebellion


100 juvenile delinquents were sent from outer space to repopulate the earth. In the meantime they have asserted themselves on the blue planet, against the earthlings who were initially hostile to them. And against Vice Chancellor Rhodes, who once branded them as criminals and persecuted them mercilessly. But now the Earth colony is threatened with new disaster: a sect has formed in its midst, which wants to win as many followers as possible - and violently fights all others. Completely unexpectedly they devastate the camp and kidnap several young people. Clarke, Bellamy and the others must save them before something terrible happens. And suddenly the 100 are faced with the biggest challenge of their lives ...


Book properties
Author Kass Morgan
Book cover Paperback
General information
Item number 6510729
Product type Children's + Teenage books
Publisher Heyne Verlag
Release date 8/10/2017
Key specifications
Genre Children's & Youth Book
Movie properties
Language German
Year 2017
Paper Properties
Number of pages 272
Target group
Minimum age 14 years

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