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Delivery and payment


1.1 All orders are shipped within 24 hours after receiving payment and receiving goods from the warehouse. The shipping date is indicated on the product page. All parcels are sent by express delivery service EMC. We guarantee the authenticity of all products.

1.2. ATTENTION! Parcels are sent insured. In case of loss or damage, we will ship your order again or issue a refund.

1.3. Shipping cost depends on the weight of the package. You can find a list of delivery options on the checkout page.

1.4. Delivery time: depending on the country of the recipient, the delivery time can be from 7 to 14 days.

1.5. is not responsible for the delivery time of EMC, in case of a delay in the parcel, please contact the post offices at the address or the customs service directly.

1.5.1. Once the parcel has been sent, cannot change the recipient's details or affect the delivery time, all parcels leave Switzerland within 72 hours.

1.6. Parcels are not stored in Switzerland if the status of the parcel's departure has not changed, which means that the recipient's country received the parcel, but did not publish information on the status of the order or did not process it for further shipment to the addressee, for reasons known only to the recipient's side.

1.7. Email us at if you have any custom requests. We will try to help.

1.8. ATTENTION! We do not ship cash on delivery orders.

1.9. Parcels not claimed by the customer within 30 calendar days after arrival are sent back to Switzerland. Unclaimed parcels returned to the sender are disposed of in accordance with the requirements of Swissmedic. Refunds for unclaimed parcels are not provided.

1.9.1. The sending company is not responsible for the delivery of the parcel by postal operators. In case of loss of the parcel, a refund is made after confirmation of the fact of loss by the insurance company and payment of the corresponding insurance compensation to the sending company.


2.1. Payment is made by card, online. Available options for payment by card are presented on the checkout page.

2.2. When ordering on the site, you will receive an invoice for payment. We will not call to confirm the order, registration on the site is enough. You can safely pay the received invoice and be sure that your order will be shipped after we receive payment. After your order has shipped, you will receive a Tracking Number and, optionally, a photo of the contents of the package.

2.3. ATTENTION! When ordering on the site, the goods are reserved only for five days. So we need to get paid within that time.


3.1. Refunds are made only in case of refusal of the goods before its physical dispatch. In case of refusal of the goods (before its physical shipment), you must inform us - In other cases, refunds are made in the form of bonus points.

Write to us about your wishes

4. reserves the right to refuse delivery of any order without giving reasons.

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