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Royal Canin Sterilised Sauce, size Adult, 12 x, 1020 g

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  • Brand: Royal Canin
  • Product Code: 7014695
  • Size Adult, 12 x, 1020 g
QR Royal Canin Sterilised Sauce, size Adult, 12 x, 1020 g


For Royal Canin, the diet of the cat must take into account all parameters such as age, its physiology, breed, lifestyle and individual characteristics. This also applies to the diet after a performed castration. Royal Canin Sterilized cat food helps to prevent overweight after neutering. Already 48 hours after neutering, your cat's food intake increases by 20%, while at the same time its energy needs decrease by about 30%. Reduced carbohydrate content can lead to a slight increase in blood sugar levels, preventing early hunger pangs. Urinary stones are more common in sterilized cats, especially if they are overweight, because they usually drink less and therefore urinate less. Controlled mineral content will keep urine pH appropriately low and contribute to urinary tract health. Mixed feeding - wisely combined: The combination of wet food and dry food combines the positive properties of both types of food. Wet food is particularly tasty for cats, provides important nutrients and promotes kidney and urinary tract health with a high fluid content. A portion bag of 100 g wet food already covers half of the daily liquid requirement. Dry food corresponds to the natural cat behavior of eating small portions every now and then throughout the day. In addition to caring for teeth and gums, another advantage of dry food is the high concentration of nutrients such as protein or fiber. Numerous studies confirm: the combination of wet and dry food supports both nature and the health of cats.


Feed properties
Main feed type Complete feedingstuffs
General information
Item number 7014695
Manufacturer Royal Canin
Manufacturer no. 1667218
Product type Cat food
Sales rank in Product type Cat food 53 of 2752
Key specifications
Food type canned food
Items per sales unit 12 x
Special needs Castrated & Sterilized
Package dimensions
Height 14.55 cm
Length 20.07 cm
Weight 1020 g
Width 10.21 cm
Pet properties
Phase of life Adult
Sports nutrition properties
Flavour Specialities

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