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Exo Terra Terrarium

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The Exo Terra Terrarium is the ideal home for reptiles and amphibians, designed by European herpetologists.
The doors opening to the front allow easy access for feeding and care. A special lock prevents "break-outs" and the doors can be opened independently. The top made of fine-meshed metal mesh and the resulting good ventilation allows UVB and infrared light to enter the terrarium. It can be easily removed completely for decoration or cleaning purposes. At the back of the top there are 5 lockable cable channels on both sides to place heat stones, waterfalls, sensors etc. inside the terrarium. The bottom of the terrarium is raised to mount a substrate heater to heat a part of the enlarged base area. The extra high front windows are ideal for thick layers of substrate (to allow reptiles to bury themselves), for water points (paludarium) or to mount an Exo Terra Reptile Den. The lifelike background is in the same color as all other Exo Terra decoration items (water bowls, waterfalls, warmth stones, etc.) and provides extra space for climbing.
width: 90cm
Depth: 45
Available in four different heights:
- 30cm
- 45cm
- 60cm
- Three feet.


Colour group Black, Brown
General information
Item number 6296177
Manufacturer Exo Terra
Product type Terrariums
Key specifications
Animal Welfare Ordinance Reptiles Animal Welfare Ordinance: IMPORTANT! When purchasing a reptile or amphibian enclosure, please observe the provisions of the Animal Welfare Ordinance (TSchV 455.1).
Exact colour description Black, Brown
reptile species gecko, paddock, saurian, serpent, turtle
terrarium type glass terrarium
Material group Glass
Specific material description Glass
Package dimensions
Height 90 cm
Length 90 cm
Weight 30.10 kg
Width 45 cm
Product dimensions
Volume 364.50 l
Terrarium Properties
Terrarium Environment tropes, waste

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