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Swisspet Ivan 150XL
Swisspet Ivan 150XL

Swisspet Ivan 150XL

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Spacious rodent pen for dwarf rabbits and guinea pigs
The swisspet rodent pen Ivan 150XL rodent pen has been treated with a protective coating and classified by the SGS "Société générale de surveillance" as harmless to your rodents. Despite this protective coating, the rodent pen should not be permanently exposed to rain or snow without protection.
With 2 floors and retreat possibilities
You can keep a maximum of four guinea pigs or three dwarf rabbits in the rodent pen Ivan 150XL, which is characterized by its two floors. The floors are connected with a connecting bridge, the passage can be closed. The sleeping compartment offers the rodents the possibility to retreat. The barn has a plastic tray which can be pulled out easily for easy cleaning.
In winter, it is recommended that the rodent pen is sufficiently littered and that the animals are always offered fresh water and food. Fresh hay should be available to the rodents 24 hours a day. In addition, we recommend protecting the rodent pen from moisture with a suitable thermal windbreak. Of course, this windbreak ensures that the animals do not have to sit in the draft. With the thermal wind screen the animals are very well protected from the cold.
In summer, the animals should not be exposed to direct sunlight and of course fresh food and cool water should always be available. The thermal windbreak ensures a pleasant temperature in the rodent pen in summer, as its insulation provides a good shield against the heat.
We recommend another coat of paint for the rodent pen. It is important that you choose an animal-friendly glaze and only paint the outside of the rodent pen. Do not be angry with your rodents if you nibble on the stable. This is their nature! To prevent nibbling, you should regularly provide your animals with non-toxic branches.
The barn is suitable for guinea pigs and dwarf rabbits. The dimensions are: 0.97 m2 and 0.89 m3.


Colour group Green, Silver
Fitted sheet properties
Application range Outdoor
General information
Item number 6206174
Manufacturer Swisspet
Product type Cages + Hutches
Sales rank in Product type Cages + Hutches 64 of 582
Key specifications
Permissible for rodents
Rodent home type shed
Material group Plastic
Package dimensions
Height 104 cm
Length 154 cm
Weight 33.80 kg
Width 61 cm

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