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Schleich decorative unicorn, mare

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  • Brand: Schleich
  • Product Code: 8089023
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QR Schleich decorative unicorn, mare


There are many magical creatures in Bayala, but most of them are very shy and you only get to see them with a lot of luck. The most wonderful animals are probably the flying horses and the unicorns. Not far from the elven town of Soleyas on a clearing in the forest lives a very special family. A Pegasus, a unicorn mare and her cub. The unicorn mare loves to watch her foal frolic and fly. Almost as much she loves it when her elf friends visit her, brush her mane and decorate her with flowers and pearl necklaces. Even the fairy princesses visit her regularly, admire her beauty, play with her foal and sometimes even ride her. That is like pure magic. Wouldn't you like to ride on a unicorn?


Colour group Multicoloured
General information
Item number 8089023
Manufacturer Schleich
Manufacturer no. 70573
Product type Toy figurines
Sales rank in Product type Toy figurines 1160 of 7984
Key specifications
Exact colour description Multicoloured
Material group Plastic
Specific material description Plastic
Package dimensions
Height 18 cm
Length 15 cm
Weight 175 g
Width 8.20 cm
Stuffed toy properties
Species Unicorn
Target group
Age to 99 years
Minimum age 4 years
Toy figure properties
Toy figure type animal figure

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