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Simsala and Mr. Oküpokü

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  • Size George Thirty
QR  Simsala and Mr. Oküpokü


An eagle with felt slippers? Simsala doesn't dare believe his eyes. Surely there must be some rotten magic behind it - or Mr. Oküpokü, who always provides funny surprises. Simsala thinks longingly back to the time when he was allowed to attend school in the small village of Heitersdorf with Ruth and his other friends. How funny it was when he could astonish teachers and classmates with his magic tricks. But Mr. Oküpokü, a friend of his father's, makes sure that Simsala soon forgets his grief: On his flying garden bench he takes him up into the air, passes Heitersdorf by chance and makes a complete mess of the world there: Prison keys suddenly turn into tasty sausages, policemen hunt down felt slippers walking around alone, and in time labyrinths Simsala and Ruth experience the most wondrous things.


Book properties
Author George Thirty
bestseller Yes
Book cover Hard cover
Illustrator Silvia Christoph
General information
Item number 7090055
Product type Children's + Teenage books
Publisher Urachhaus
Key specifications
Genre Children's tales + legends
Movie properties
Language German
Year 2017
Paper Properties
Number of pages 207

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