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About us

Your Prime care with the Swiss quality mark

Prime Care AG – a company located in Switzerland that specializes in the selection, sell, and delivery of the best care products manufactured or approved in Switzerland*.


Our mission is to make original, quality products available to you wherever you are. We believe that this is a very responsible goal, so, we at Prime Care AG team carefully form the assortment and provide customer service.

  • Each parcel is insured.

  • Delivery by reliable transport companies.

  • Worldwide shipping.

The assortment of Prime Care AG store is Family Values products, designed to ensure a healthy and comfortable life for the whole family: children, parents, elders, and even pets.

Our catalog combined from:

  • «Family Value» products made in Switzerland for the domestic market;

  • Products from global premium brands recognized worldwide and in Switzerland.

  • Swiss-made pharmaceutical products and contact lenses oriented to the demanding domestic market;

Switzerland remains first on the list of the Global Innovation Index for 12 years in a row. It is one of the few countries where you can find the whole value chain of the life sciences industry (universities, research laboratories, and established manufacturing). This allows Switzerland to be a leader in the manufacturing of products for health and care and not only.

We collected a maximum of these products on our website and make them easily accessible to you.


* The Trade Mark Protection Act (TmPA) and the Designs Act (DesA) not only prohibit the illegal copying of protected products and the trading of such counterfeits, but also the import, export and transit of such goods through Switzerland (Art. 13 para. 2bis and Art. 71 TmPA; Art. 9 para. 1bis and Art. 47 DesA).

If customs find counterfeit goods in personal luggage or in parcels being sent by post, it can withhold and destroy them. (3 TmPA; Art. 41 para. 2 DesA; Art. 81 para. 3 PatA and Art. 67 para. 2 CopA).

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